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Language and Intelligence Services

SSI provides comprehensive language and intelligence services across a wide variety of federal government agencies around the world.

SSI linguists are thoroughly vetted and undergo comprehensive language proficiency testing prior to assignment. Many of our linguists possess security clearances, specialized skill sets, subject matter expertise, certifications, and many are native speakers. Our analysts are highly trained and experienced in broad array of environments, methods, and tools. Our comprehensive language services capabilities include:

  • Translation and transcription
  • Interpretation (simultaneous, consecutive and escort)
  • Document and media exploitation (DOCEX, DOMEX)
  • Low density language capability
  • Language training and tutoring
  • Language-enabled analysis
  • All-source analysis (HUMINT, SIGINT)
  • Intelligence and counterintelligence (CI) analysis
  • Open source (OSINT) and social media analysis
  • Intelligence support (technical support, field support)
  • Security vetting and management


Intelligence & Language Services

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Language and Cultural Training Services

SSI provides tailored training services to military, special operations and other government agencies globally.

Our government and military language and cultural training services help prepare students for their mission and ultimately help ensure mission success.  SSI provides full spectrum training services:

  • Initial Acquisition Training (IAT)
  • Sustainment and Enhancement Training (SET)
  • Language Tutoring
  • Regional Expertise and Cultural (REC) Training
  • Survival, Pre-deployment, and Familiarization Training
  • Cross Cultural Competence (CCC)
  • Iso-Immersion Training
  • Live Environment Training (LET)
  • Cultural Advising and Subject Matter Experts
  • Remote Training
  • Training Administrative Support (Coordination, Testing, Logistics)


Language & Cultural Services

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Training and Exercise Support Services

SSI provides training and exercise support services to military, special operations and other government agencies.

SSI provides pre-deployment training events at military, special operations, and other government sites throughout the United States.  SSI has a proven track record of staffing and managing role playing programs successfully, meeting performance requirements, quickly adapting to changing requirements, advocating a strong quality control approach and staying on budget.  We have rapidly deployed role players on extremely short notice, enabling customers to meet short-turnaround training and deployment schedules.  Government and military training requires a dedicated partner capable of providing comprehensive training and exercise support services:

  • Exercise Planning and Scenario Development
  • Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Instruction
  • Weapons and Tactics (W&T) Instruction
  • Advanced Sniper Instruction
  • Special Reconnaissance (SR) Instruction
  • Intelligence SME Instruction
  • Combatives Instruction
  • Iso-Immersion Training
  • Immersion/Live Environment Training (LET)
  • Situational Training Exercises (STX)
  • Civilians on the Battlefield
  • Foreign Language Speaking  (FLS), Multicultural, and Subject Matter Expert (SME) Role Players
  • Special Effects and Moulage
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Weapons
  • Buildings and Facades
  • Props, Clothing and Uniforms
  • Equipment
  • Boats and Motor Vehicles
  • Technical Subject Matter Expertise (SME)
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)
  • Training Support Services:
    • Schoolhouse Management
    • Advanced Course Management
    • Academic Facilities Management
    • Logistics Management
    • Range Management
    • Emergency Medical Technicians
    • Certified Medical Assistances
    • Warehouse Management
    • Schoolhouse Data & Administration Management
    • Assessment & Selection Data & Administration Management
    • Instructor Development Management
    • Instructor Training & Certification Specialists
    • Exercise Fiscal Analysts
    • Communications/Electronics Repair Specialists


Training & Exercise Support Services

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Facilities and Security Services

SSI has proven experience providing skilled facilities support, security services staff and subject matter experts, ranging from staffing services to outsourced facilities and security operations.

SSI recruits, hires, and trains facilities and security services personnel that range from entry level to advanced, more experienced talent with the ability to operate in a wide variety of environments, including fully cleared personnel and highly secure facilities. Our services include:

  • Base and Operations Support Services
  • Security Office Management and Reception Services
  • Personnel Security and Clearance Management
  • Manned Guarding, Physical Security, and Mobile Patrol Services
  • Access Control, Lock and Key, and Monitoring and Surveillance
  • Information Security (INFOSEC)
  • Communications Security (COMSEC)
  • Operations Security (OPSEC)
  • Continuity of Operations (COOP)
  • Research and Technology Protection (RTP)
  • Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)
  • Property Management and Maintenance
  • Transportation, Logistics and Fleet Management
  • Foreign Travel Management and Foreign Visits Coordination
  • Vendor and Event Management
  • Shipping, Receiving and Warehousing


Facilities & Security Services

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Administrative and Professional Services

SSI has proven experience providing skilled administrative and professional services staff and subject matter experts.

SSI recruits, hires, and trains administrative and professional services personnel that range from entry level to advanced, more experienced talent with the ability to operate in a wide variety of environments.  Our services include:

  • Acquisition, procurement and contracting specialists
  • Administrative and clerical support personnel
  • Human resources specialists
  • Facilities management specialists
  • Financial support specialists
  • Call center support
  • Recruiters
  • Subject matter experts


Administrative & Professional Services

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Information Technology Services

SSI has proven experience providing highly skilled Information Technology services and professionals.

Our IT professionals have a wide variety of skills and experience, supporting government agencies, as well as small and large businesses.  They are thoroughly vetted to assess their skills and to ensure only highly qualified professionals support our programs.  Our services include:

  • Application services
  • Analysis and design
  • Architecture and engineering
  • Software development
  • Systems integration
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Database and information management
  • Consulting services
  • IT staffing services
  • Managed services


Information Technology Services

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Program Management Services


Our firm currently provides a range of programmatic support services to Federal Agencies including the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of State (DOS), and the National Institutes of Health. We provide a range of program staff and subject matter expertise including program analysis, project/risk management, technology planning, operation assessment, risk assessment, strategic communications, and financial planning.

Our services areas include:

  • Program & Project Management
  • Strategy, Planning and Communications Management
  • Process Design
  • Risk & Change Management
  • Schedule and Personnel Management
  • Cost and Procurement Management
  • Quality and Performance Management
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Standard Operating Procedure Documentation
Program Management Services

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Healthcare Support Services

We support organizations with scientific and professional services in the environmental, physical, and social sciences. We provide robust staffing augmentation to provide innovative support for our client across a range of mission spaces.

Our services areas include:

  • Electronic health records
  • Scientific Research Support
  • Healthcare Business Process Evaluation
  • Charge Master Analysis
  • Operational Audit and Reviews
  • Provider and Nursing Education
  • Medical Coding and Documentation Training
  • Process Improvement
  • Revenue Cycle Enhancement
Healthcare Support Services

"Our Mission First Approach"


SSI is an 8(m) economically disadvantaged woman owned small business (EDWOSB), providing cleared professionals and solutions for the Department of Defense, Department of State, Special Operations, and Intelligence Community.

Our “mission first approach" has positioned our company as a preferred vendor to our customers and we have been awarded more than 70 prime contracts in the last 4 years. We achieved position #421 on the 2013 Inc. 500 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in America.

SSI delivers effective, practical, and cost-effective solutions to our clients, always remaining flexible and responsive to the changing requirements.

SSI is an 8(m) Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB), providing cleared professionals and solutions for the Department of State, Department of Defense, Special Operation Forces, Homeland Security, and the Intelligence Community.

SSI provides instructors, cultural advisors, linguists, interpreters, translators, subject matter experts, advisors, mentors, role players, training support specialists, training delivery officers, intelligence analysts, counterintelligence (CI) specialists, technical support, field technicians, security professionals, logistics specialists, operations coordinators, budget specialists, administrative support specialists, emergency medical technicians (EMT), exercise controllers (EXCON), mission managers, project managers, program managers for a wide variety of mission-critical requirements. SSI and subsidiary customers include:

  • US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)
  • US Army Intelligence & Security Command (INSCOM)
  • US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC)
  • US Army National Training Center (NTC)
  • US Army National Guard (ARNG)
  • U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC)
  • US Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM)
  • US Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC)
  • US Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI)
  • US Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC)
  • US Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC)
  • Naval Special Warfare Center (NAVSPECWARCEN)
  • Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)
  • Naval Education and Training Command (NETC)
  • Naval Justice School (NJS)
  • Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR)
  • Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR)
  • National Security Agency (NSA)
  • Department of Defense (DoD)
  • Department of State (DOS)
  • Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC)
  • Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA)
  • Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
  • Defense Health Agency (DHA)
  • Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Indian Health Services
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  • General Services Administration (GSA)
  • Other Intelligence Community agencies

SSI’s “mission first” approach has positioned our company as a preferred vendor to our customers.  We have been awarded more than 70 prime contracts in the last 4 years, and made the 2013 Inc. 500 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in America.  We are dedicated to providing our customers with an unwavering level of performance. We have extensive relationships with both small and large businesses that share SSI’s commitment to maintaining the highest level of integrity, and ethical business practices. Our exceptional CPARS ratings prove that we have established ourselves as a preferred vendor to our expanding client base.  We deliver effective, practical, and cost-effective solutions to our clients, always remaining flexible and responsive to the changing requirements.

SSI is proud to work with our customers to ensure mission success.

Why SSI?
  • Exceptional CPARS ratings by consistently exceeding expectations
  • Extensive geographic performance across the United States and in 22 countries on 5 continents
  • Experience operating in austere, hostile and high threat OCONUS DOS, military, and other locations
  • Broad array of experience providing integrated solutions (language, intel, security, SMEs)
  • High-level security operations including multiple SAP programs
  • Demonstrated ability to capture and execute large program awards (SWMS $450M, DLITE II $7.9B)
  • Provide superior support for both small and large primes and subs
  • Commitment to excellence, performance and customer satisfaction
  • Easy to do business with – responsive, flexible, agile – a true team player with integrity and trust
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  • 300+
    Contract and Task Order Wins

    Since 2002

  • 25+

    Military & Federal

  • 3000+
    Employees Hired

    Since 2002

  • 85+
    Languages Supported


Team SSI In Action

Images featured below are captured from recent SSI opportunities
  • Props

    SSI uses the most true-to-life props for all scenario enhancement items.

    Pictured: Pressure Plate IED Prop

  • Moulage

    SSI provides high-definition and ultra-realistic moulage for exercise support and training.  Injuries are hand crafted to accurately reflect the Method of Injury (MOI)

  • Disaster Scenario Role Players

    SSI provides disaster scenario training using skilled role players to accurately depict a person in need of medical attention.

    Disaster Scenario Role Players

    SSI provides Opposing Forces Role Players with accurate cultural garb for simulating real world conditions

  • SMEs

    SSI provides Subject Matter Experts from multiple different branches of SOCOM to simulate real world SOF Teams in support of Pre-Deployment Training

  • Cultural Role Players

    Team SSI role players accurately depict the intended area of operations to include language requirements, cultural garb, food, props, and other realism enhancements.

    Cultural Role Players
  • Pyrotechnics

    SSI’s pyrotechnic team specializes in non-pyrotechnic battlefield effects and events.  Each effect is handcrafted to accurately depict the scenario and enhance realism.

  • Role Players

    SSI provides role players to support Chemical and Biological Training Drills

    Role Players
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